A priceless moment

Hi guys! sorry if I haven’t written for so much time but I’ve been so busy in these days because of the school and other stuff. Well I just wanted to share with you something that happened to me yesterday afternoon. I was taking  my dog out ,as I’m used to every afternoon , and I realized that sunset was coming. So, to do something different, I went on my toun’s castle to watch it with my dog. I arrived just in the nick of time so I sat down with him and put on some music by M83. I don’t know if you know them\him\her but I love that kind of music expecially when I’m alone in front of a landscape. It gives to me a sense of hugeness and infinite that gives me a lot of emotions that I’m not used to feel because I’m not so sensitive. But I have to say that in its semplicity it has been a wonderful moment, so full of emotions that I cried of joy. I think it’s amazing how nature can make humans feel so many emotions. And you? Do you have any pets? Do you feel the same way that I felt in front of the hugeness of nature?IMG-20160928-WA0036-1.jpg

Fall outfit day VS. night

Ok guys in this post I want to show two fall outfits, one for the day and one for the night. Even if it doesn’t seem like because of light the left outfit is the one for evening and the right one is the one for the day.

night outfit: 

For that night out I chose a total black which I think is very stylish

  • vest from Pimkie
  • trousers from Nell & Me
  • shoes from Creepers
  • bag from Boscaini
  • necklace from Stradivarius
  • ( I had to ride a bicke that night so I also had a red helmet so this outfit put henfasis on it ahahah.)

day outfit:

I decided  to dress in layers that day which is not very comfortable but cool in my opinion.

  • beije vest from Pimkie
  • white vest from Benetton
  • brown cardigan from Stradivarius
  • jeans from Pimkie
  • shoes from Pull&bear

This is the end. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Let me know it in the comments! Byeee

A weird meeting

Hi everyone, today I want to tell you what happened to me Saturday night. It was a normal saturday evening and I was with my friends in our favorite bar. There was nothing special, no events, just to spend some time with friends which I can’t do during school. The strange event happened at the end of the evening when I had to return home at about 12.30 a.m. Well in the bar where we were sitting there was a fortune-teller with his cards so, intrigued, I asked him to have a sitting with him. He answered yes so I went to his table with my best friend and other 2 friends that were curious too. So he extracted from the deck some cards and put them on the table. he began reeding them and surprisingly told me that I was special because of the card of the female pope that means that I have a special spirituality not connected with religion. He told me that I can tune into everbody which implies that I have the faculty to choose who I want to stay with. He also told me that I can see deeply inside thing and he made an experiment with me: he used his “powers” to focus energy between his hands and he told that thanks to my extraordinary capacity I should have seen something. In fact I saw a small ball of something that was similar to fog. he explained me that was energy. He told me other interesting things about his philosophy that reflected exactly what I think. Actually I don’t feel to be like he said but if so it would be a grat quality! But the fact is that I don’t know if I should believe him or not. I mean who can say that he wasn’t an expert in psycology or a good speaker that is able to convince you about these things? I would like to know if he is only one that pretends or not. What’s your opinion about? Do you think cartomancy is reliable? My friends didn’t rely on him, should I do like them?

Have a nice day!

Sport (a cruel beast)


Hi everyone and good afternoooooon!

As you can see from the title today I’d like to speak about Sport, this overwelming beast hahaha. Well I used to play volleyball till last year but now I’ve interrupted my beautiful career, obviously joking ahahah. Actually I wasn’t very good at it beacause I’m not so fast or athletic, but I used to put all of me in it when I pllayed. I am still passionate to volleyball. I had to stop playing because of school and other more important activities which maybe I could explain you in the future.

Actually, I have to say that, when I was younger I didn’t want to start playing volleyball because I preferred to join male sports such as football or basketball but my father didn’t want me to play that sports, I has always wanted me to become a princess so he would have liked me to dance or to practicing artistic gymnastic and even volleyball. I succeeded in convince him to let me play basket but after two years the teem didn’t want girls in no more so I had to stop playing. Then my father convinced me to start volleyball and I’ve played it for 6 years. I loved it even because of my beautiful teem which has been my strenght in some situations, they have always cared about me mostly when something bad happened. But even if I feel very  sorry for them I had to stop because last year it has been really hard to carry on all the activities that I did including study so I had to give up.

But now that I’m not practicing any sports I feel like I’m not taking care of my body anymore, even if we didn’t work so hard at volleyball hahah. So I’m trying some different sports that make me burn calories and at the same time make me vent but without taking so much time. Well today I tried with crossfit but I didn’t like it even if I’m very tired after the workout which should be a good thing. I like sports in which you use your brain, mind-sports, such as boxe or karate and all the martial arts but there is the same problem of when I was a child: my father thinks they are not sports for female, he thinks I’m weird because of my ideas and passions. I don’t need to try all this sports, I know that I want to do boxe but I do it for him, to not argue with him. I can’t do anything if I’m made this way, if I prefer sports that leave in you some cultural aspects, that enrich you mentally.

Make me know what’s your opinion and if you,like me, prefer mental sports, or only physical ones. Ah and give me some advice on what sport I should try if you want.

Bye darliiings.




Fall outfit #2

This is my second fall outfit which I really love. Actually I feel a very good when I create outfits, it stimulates my creativity and of course I love well dressing!


  • shirt from Bershka
  • black trousers from Stradivarius
  • black shoes from Vans
  • hairstyle hardly created by me hahaha it’s a low messy bun.

As always make me know what you think about it please! Bye!

Messages behind photography


This is a photo that I recently took and edited. In my opinion there are a lot of emotions in it. Watching it I found a philosophical message behind it and I though “how beautiful would it be if my readers could tell me what are their feelings watching it.” So this is the aim of this post: make me know what you think about this photo and what you feel watching it. Now I’m sharing my vision with you with a short poem I wrote in Italian. If you can’t understand it try to translate it.

E me ne sto li, seduta su quella 

fredda roccia, nel mio


L’oscurità mi impedisce di


ma lascia libero sfogo ai miei


Penso a come sono finita lì,

a come ne uscirò e so di averne la


Ma non ho la forza di


Rimango lì nel mio


tutta rannicchiata in protezione dal


che mi circonda.

Me ne sto lì e 


a quanto possa essere fragile un essere umano di fronte all’



Fall outfit #1

Hi readeeers, fall is about to start! What a beautifull period, I really love it because of warm temperature so I can wear jackets without the risk to sweat! And it finally arrived! I’m so happy for that so if you like it I will post a lot of fall outfits. Make me know if you like it too.


  • T-shirt from Zara;
  • black trousers from Stradivarius;
  • green military jacket from Bershka;
  • shoes by Vans (my favourite shoes with Doctor Marten’s *.*);
  • black little bag from Myway.

Check my full blog to know more about me. Love you all guys.




Hi everyone,

Sorry if I haven’t been writing for a lot. Understand me please I’ve just finished my first week of school and I am already exhausted hahaha. I’m writing this post with this title for a reason. Well I’m not very outgoing with people, I’m used to keeping my problems for myself. Neither my friends know what goes on in my head but I’ve understood that bringing out feelings with someone  is a good thing for me because it helps me to vent my problems and stay more relaxed. So, as you have probably understood, I would like to keep my thoughts in this diary hoping that you will learn better who I am maybe giving me support, advice and other types of feedback. I will publish a post of this kind every time that something important happens in my life, I will share with you every kind of feeling, good and bad ones.

I hope you will like it!




Lisbon, Portugal

Hi guys! How I told you in my previous post, this summer I’ve been in Lisbon and finally I will share with you every detail of my trip and a lot of advice about it. I want to specify that all the pictures in this post are made by me.

First of all, for those who don’t know anything about this city, here’s a small introduction. So, Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, a country situated in west Europe, next to Spain. Portugal is overlooking Atlantic ocean and Lisbon is situated on river Tajo’s mouth.

A bit of history

Lisbon is a really multiethnic city: apart from European ethnicity  you can find a lot of South-americans, Africans, Indians. It’s because of Portugal’s history of achievements and slavery. At that age Lisbon was the Portuguese port from where a lot of important expeditions in the ocean started for example the expedition of Vasco de Gama that was an important Portuguese explorer and  the first European to reach India by sea. In Lisbon there are a lot of monument dedicated to him and in general to “conquistadores” for example  Padrão dos Descobrimentos (=monument for discoveries).



Lisbon is a city full of culture and customs. Visiting the city I understood a lot about it and about the inhabitants’ behaviour. They have the characteristics of spanish people, sociable, solar, with sense of humor but the criminality is an important point to underline: mostly on public means of transport it’s better to pay attention to your possession  because there are a lot of pickpockets. But honestly I love those people and their way to live.

An important cultural aspect is Fado that is a traditional style of music mostly singed by women. check this link if you want to listen to that.

Food in Lisbon is really good, not as Italian one of course hahaha, but it’s good. People there are used to eating a lot of fish in fact the typical meals are all made of fish, in particular fried codfish and sardines.

My experience

And now it’s time to tell you my fantastic experience in Lisbon. First of all, the weather. It was wonderfull! I’m used to north-Italy’s hot and dry weather which I hate  but when I arrived in Lisbon the first thing I noticed was the wonderful wind that made the hot weather seems more cool. One day I was wearing a vest and the sun was shining in the sky, the temperature was really hot and the sun was beating so strong but I didn’t notice it so I got burnt. Yeha I got sooo burnt hahaha.

We stayed in a flat near the city center in a marvelous part of the city, here’s the view.snapchat-5894155887566712660

The day we arrived we went immediatly to visit the historical and oldest part of the city, Alfama, situated between the São Jorge Castle and the Tejo river.  It contains many important historical attractions and is full of Fado bars and restaurants. In the alleys of Alfama there are other terraces (miradouros) from which to see the city, like theMiradouro de Santa Luzia, near the church of the same name. In Alfama we took the tram 28, the most ancient tram in Lisbon and enjoyed a cool city tour.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That evening we ate in a buffet restaurant. I have to say that Lisbon is very very cheep: with  8 euros we could ate how much we wanted and it has been beautiful hahaha.

In the night the city become full of young people, bars are full of people and drinking and dancing we had a great time. The perfect place to go to in the night if you’re young is Barrio Alto were you can find a lot of bars and maybe you can listen to Fado in one of it.

The second day we went to Belem, a district on the river and near to the Ocian. Here there are a lot of things to see for example Belem Tour, in the river or the Padrão dos Descobrimentos how I told you before. Furthermore there’s the oldest bakery in all Lisbon, the “Pasteis de Belem” that makes a typical pastry, the “Pastel de Nata” which I loved in fact I ate so many of them.

Another important thing you have to know about Belem is the artistic style of the monuments that is typically Portouguese: Manueline style. It synthesizes aspects of late Gothic architecture with influences of the Spanish Plateresque style,Mudéjar, Italian urban architecture, and Flemish elements. It marks the transition from  Late Gothic to  Renaissance.snapchat-3328551709670658616

Then in the afternoon we went on the beach by train and we dive in the ocian and it has been an amazing experience for me because I am used to Mediterrean see so I didn’t expect how cold the Ocian coul have been. The place where we went is called Caiscais de Lisboa, on the east side of the river’s mouth.

The third day we went to Sintra, a town near Lisbon where there are a lot of castles and welthy people’s houses of some centuries before. I must tell you that Sintra is a place where you have to go if you go to Lisbon because it’s amazing. From the top of the  castles you can see all Lisbon and the surrounding lands. Here are some photoes of the view that I took.20160623_125301

This is what I did and I think that’s all you have to know about Lisbon, I hope you enjoyed it. Have a good trip!


Summer is ending

Unfortunately this summer is ending and I want to cry for this. You know, I’m attending the fifth year in a scientific high school here in Italy so this year I’m going to get the degree… maybe hahaha. Kidding, I’m pretty good at school but I don’t want to set any goal for the degree. But I don’t want to talk about my anxiety for the next year that will begin on september the 12. I want to share with you the most important feelings of my summer and if you want you can tell me yours.

Firstly I went in Lisbon for my mum’s birthday and I found it amazing: full of colors, smells.I will make you know the details of my trip in the next posts because I found it a relly good place to live.

Then when I returned I had a party for my eighteenth birthday because in Italy it’s the age from which you’re considered an adult. Well I was a bit drunk honestly haha and my friends ruined me with a lot of jokes.

Here I am with my volleyball squad drinking I don’t even know what hahaha

Anyway in that pediod I worked as a volounteer for the church’s summer group. I really enjoyed working as avolounteer because it made me feel a better person even if I don’t have an high consideration of catholic church. I did it for the children and even for myself honestly. I suggest you to try volountary work if you aren’t feeling well with yourself, it’s therapeutic.

In the end of July I went in Edinburgh to study English with a lot of other Italian guys that I didn’t knew and I made a lot of new friends. I want to underline this: if you have the chance to make an experience abroad, do it! It’s one of the most useful ways to invest your money and obviously to improve your English! Moreover you have the chance to build relationship of all kinds with new people and to have a lot of great experiences with them. Personally I will never forget the experiences that I had with those people. So if you have this chance do it!

With a friend from sicily at 5:00 a.m. waiting for the sunrise

I haven’t had the time to turn back in Verona because I had to reach my parents in Puglia, in south Italy, where we stayed for an enteer month. I go there every year because my parents were born there and then moved in north Italy because it’s richer. I love Puglia and I consider it my homeland even if I was born in Verona. I will tell you more about this journey in another post too because there are too many things to say.

Here there’s an anticipation

I have returned back in Verona two weeks ago and suddenly I started not to feel good… I started to think all my friends have forgotten me because, after the first days, nobody asked me to go out and I passed some days at home. My best friends were still on holiday and I felt lonely. After some days I understood that loneliness isn’t something bad. Instead of thinking this, we should learn to take benefits from it to know ourself better or even to cultivate some hobbies that normally we can’t cultivate because of our busy life. I have started to think about it one week ago and I think it’s a really good skill being able to stay on your own. It’s because of this that I don’t want the school to begin, I started to love taking time for myself.

Finally I have to say that, even if I haven’t felt good in the last period, it has been one of the most constructive and beautiful summers of my life.

Thank you for reading and make me know your opinion about loneliness, maybe I could speak about this in my next posts.